Terra Mítica

Terra Mítica is a theme park for all ages.

Adrenalin in its pure state

Discover everything that lies hidden in the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Greece and Rome, thousands of years of history turned into countless moments of fun, excitement and adrenaline.

  • For the little ones. Enjoy the park with the little ones. Go with them to the children’s attractions and be surprised by the children’s performances.
  • If you are looking for adrenalin in its purest form, do not hesitate, this tour is made for you. The most exciting attractions are waiting for you!
  • Do you want to get wet and enjoy the water? We have a very refreshing tour. Put on your swimsuit, take a towel and go for a refreshing ride.
  • For lovers of the show: we have prepared a special tour so that you can enjoy all the shows and parades that you can experience in our park.

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